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  • Digital Innovation

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  • Digital Intelligence

Discovering Adam

Social Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Digital Innovator & Proud Family Guy


Howard Thurman once said “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that. What the world needs are people who have come alive.” Building Relationships, leveraging today’s technology, driving innovation and redefining how and where we communicate is what makes me come alive.

I describe myself as a Social Business Intel Officer. Here’s why

SOCIAL ~ “Customers are socially connected, digitally driven and mobile enabled.” (This is a quote from Jill Rowley and it has never been more true) I’m customer obsessed so I like engaging them where they are.

BUSINESS ~ The way we do business is undergoing a fundamental transformation. It’s in real time, it’s always on and the traditional sales and marketing models are quickly becoming less relevant and less effective

INTEL ~ We have access to more customer intelligence, company intelligence and competitive intelligence then ever before.
Leverage it!

OFFICER ~ To me, officer reflects leadership. I’m
a natural Leader. I partner with key stake holders to drive innovative approaches for business development. I believe leadership is defined as having intentional influence with a target audience while investing in the success of those around me.

Consulting Expertise Includes

  • Digital Sales & Marketing Excellence
  • The Design & Development of Social Business Sales Models (B2B)
  • Business Development & Revenue Generation
  • Personal & Professional Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Selling
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Mobile Technologies, Cloud, Unified Communication Solutions


I’m a father to three incredible children. I have a passion for faith, family and FSU football. I was born on the west coast, raised on the east coast but my home will always be down south. I love to cook and live to grill. Okay, throw tailgating in there too. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and risk, change, challenge, and opportunity is in my DNA.

It’s not just about the ROI

It’s about the VALUE of the ROI that’s delivered

Increase Sales Revenue


Gain Competitive Intelligence


Reduce the cost of customer acquisition


Accelerate your sales cycle


Your Options

A calculated process to successfully drive Digital Transformation that delivers a game changing customer (and employee) experience

  • Personal and professional brand creation and design

    I believe that building your brand builds value for your brand. The only thing better than being impressed when you meet someone is being impressed long before you meet them. When you walk into a room, those around you perceive you a certain way; by the way you walk, how you dress, the words you use, etc. That perception is in fact, your brand. It’s the same online; you either have a positive brand, a negative brand or no brand at all and two of those three aren’t good. Whether your a student, business professional or a CXO, a powerful brand creates “market gravity”. It attracts business, opportunities, people, companies, consumers, etc. And, as a business, a brand builds value for your customer, a brand for your business and growth for your customer. Hire me and I’ll show you how.

  • Build and launch your Social Business Sales model

    In today’s ever changing world, you better be comfortable being uncomfortable. Technology is changing what we do and how we do and it’s happening at an increasingly rapid pace. A successful sales model embraces and reflects this change. No more status quo thinking or traditional approaches to generating revenue. A successful “Social Business Sales Model” requires us to leverage todays technology in a creative and innovative fashion that enables us to identify, listen, connect and engage with our target audience. It requires story. What’s your story? Who’s telling it? How is it being told? Is anyone listening? Does it offer something of value to your customers? Disney has a story. So does it Chick-fil-a, Southwest and Apple. What’s your story? Hire me and I’ll build a sales model that not only tells your story in a way that gets your customerto act, but: -it will reduce your marketing costs -increase sales revenue -accelerate the sales cycle -gain competitive intelligence -attract premier talent to join your team -and reduce your cost of sale I believe that conversations build relationships, relationships build trust and it’s trust that builds you business. How are you having those conversations today? Are they in real time? What’s your strategy to identify, listen, connect and engage with your audience? If you’re goals are not well defined, you can’t build a strategy to accomplish those goals. Tactics are used to execute the strategy and once the tactics are properly defined, you can identify the best tools and applications to measure the success of your efforts.

  • Keynote Speaking ~ The goal is simple.

    Provide tremendous value to your audience. Innovative ideas, strategies and approaches that: • Encourage • Educate • Instruct and • Inspire ~ while leaving audiences entertained, motivated and begging for more. Samuel topics include but aren’t limited to: - Branding “You, Inc.” How building your brand builds value for your brand - Leadership & Change. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable - Social Selling vs. Social Sales vs. Social Business. What’s the difference and where’s the value? - Tweet This! - Transforming your customers’ experience in the digital age Hire me to speak at your: ~ at your next trade show or conference ~ sales kickoff event ~ team building exercise ~ your next all hands call

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Leadership in the trenches interview

I have set up several businesses as social businesses, and I am a great believer that the power of business should be used for good.

Adam Karwoski

Some Love Shown By Fans

  • Serving on the Board of Directors - Director of Thought Leadership at ATP It's so very easy to find information about Social Media these days because articles about what a phenomenon FaceBook & Twitter have become are in the press every week. However, what is really difficult is to find someone who you can trust, and guide you on how to effectively leverage Social Media in your business...Adam is that someone.

    Mallie Eric Preston Senior Alliance Manager AT&T Mobility
  • Adam has a reputation at Vodafone for being an agent of change. He understands how to leverage today’s digital technology to drive new business and to build a compelling brand online. He is a dynamic leader with an innovative approach to connect and engage with our customers. He is a great developer of sales professionals and has made an impact on the lives of his team personally and professionally. He’s passionate about investing in the success of those around him.

    Richard Tennyson Vice President, Head of Sales at Vodafone

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